libpcscxx 4.0.7
C++ Library for accessing PCSC-lite, OpenSSL, PKCS#11

The Libraries for accessing smartcard tokens are written in ugly C, moving around pointers with no memory management. This library provides a simple and nice C++ wrapper around these libraries, so that programmers can concentrate on functionality. It offers general support for PCSC-lite, OpenSSL, PKCS#11, plus specific functionality for the SuisseID.


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There are several Namespaces which correspond to the Modules that are implemented. All libraries libraries deal with hardware token cryptography. Some libraries are just clean C++-wrappers around the original libraries that are implemented in ugliest C manner. The warppers care about memory- and resource-management and implement a simple and easy C++ interface, including std::string for binary data and exceptions for error handling.

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The library contains the following modules:

  • Siemens CardOS 4.4: APDU access to Siemens CardOS 4.4. CardOS is an operating system on Siemens smart cards.
  • Cryptoki API / PKCS#11: C++ wrapper around higher level PKCS#11 smart card access. Cryptoki, also known as PKCS#11 is a higher level API.
  • OpenSSL: C++ wrapper around some OpenSSL functionality. OpenSSL is a high level cryptography library.
  • PCSC-Lite: C++ wrapper around PCSC-Lite smart card reader access library. PCSC-Lite is a middleware to access a smart card using SCard API.
  • SuisseID: High level functions for the SuisseID hardware token. SuisseID is a standardized digital identity in Switzerland.
  • [Crypto](group__gcrypto,html): Crypto implements some auxiliary crypto funtions.

See Overview of the Components to get a graphical overview on the module structure and the hardware interaction.

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