mrw-c++ 5.0.4
MRW C++ Library

Featureful C++ Library containing a lot of needful things. Everything, I often need, but is missing in C++ standard libraries and other common 3rd party libraries, such as log4cxx, cppunit and boost.

I have paid attention to define simple and a nice to use interfaces. The library makes use of object orientation, operator overload and templates, where it makes sense. The library passes several module tests before each delivery. It is therefore stable and tested.

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This library contains modules for the following purposes:

In the Web

Supported Platforms

The library is generic UNIX, but most features also work on Windows using MinGW. It is sporadically tested on Windows. Stack trace works on Linux only, it could theoretically work on Sun Solaris too (and it used to work there in the 90ies), but this is now untested. Stack trace without symbol resolution, just getting the raw addresses, only depends on GNU gcc and should work on all platforms. Feedback is welcome!

Missing a Feature, Found a Bug

You are missing a feature, or an implementation is too incomplete for the purpose you need it? Or you even found a bug? Just register and open an issue on the project management page.